How we began

Ron and & Sons Trucking founder, Ron E Erpelding, became a truck driver in 1963, when he started working for California Cartage Company. When California Cartage closed their San Diego doors in 1982, Ron didn’t want his years of experience to go to waste, he saw an opportunity. He purchased 3 trucks from Cal Cartage and started his own business. He drove one truck, and brought his son Steve in to drive the other. He utilized his contacts that he had made from his years of driving experience to help him understand the business side of things and get started, but he still continued to drive. By day Ron delivered his loads, by night he did administration work sending out bills. Ron drew on his previous paint sales experience to help build relationships with his clients, and it didn’t hurt that he treated each of them like family.

Ron decided to focus more on his customer service, and devoted all of his time to dealing with customers’ needs and delivering their loads. So in 1983 Ron’s wife Barbara entered the business to do the billing and administrative work.

In 1985 Ron & Sons Trucking became incorporated. At this time Ron’s youngest son Ron D Erpelding (Ron Jr) graduated from welding school and came to work for the family business as a mechanic.

Over time Ron earned the trust of his customers and they relied on him and the service he provided. Not only did he earn the loyalty of his customers, but also his employees. As he worked to grow his business, his passion was infused into his employees. They too became as loyal to him as his customers were. His employees worked hard to help Ron grow Ron & Sons. They did this by treating customers the same way Ron treated everyone, like family. They did this by providing a great service, friendly attitude, and customer first mentality.

Through the years Ron was able to hire more office staff and mechanics. In 1996 Ron’s daughter Penny entered the business, doing administrative work in the office.

Ron & Sons continued to grow to what it is today, 30+ trucks, 80+ trailers, office personnel, drivers, and mechanics.

We work hard to maintain your trust in us

Celebrating over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, Ron & Son's Trucking is your best choice for superior transportation services. Since your needs are our first priority, we keep in constant touch with our drivers by e-mail, text, and cellular phones.

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices and mapping software to easily and rapidly find origins and destinations. With just a phone call we can inform you of your freight's whereabouts or tell you when it arrived and who signed for it. Plus our drivers are uniformed to provide you with the best representation when we arrive at your final destination.

If our customer’s trailers need to be stored before or after shipping, Ron & Sons provides a peace of mind that it is safe. We have an alarmed, lighted, and fenced facility with a surveillance system and personal night guard.

The staff of professionals at Ron & Son's Trucking are available to serve you from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday by request. We have dispatch on call 24/7. Our rates are competitive, call for quote.

When you depend on Ron & Son's Trucking, we will take care of you like you are family.