“Hector and the team at Ron and Sons Trucking always provides reliable and professional transportation services to my facility. They have done an excellent job maintaining a high level of on time service. I would recommend Ron and Sons, they have been an excellent carrier for us.”
Jason Knight; Pepsi

“Echo Global Logistics has been working successfully with Ron & Sons Trucking since 2006 and together have shipped over 1000 loads. Ron & Sons Trucking consistently provides reliable, safe and efficient transportation management. Hector and the staff communicate open and honestly throughout the life cycle of loads and Echo’s customers are always pleased when Ron & Sons Trucking service their freight. Shipments are always on time and the staff is always available to answer any questions with a positive attitude. Thank you Ron & Sons for nine great years of partnership. Looking forward to doing more business in the future!”
Troy McDonald; Echo Global Logistics

“You have been one of our best carriers. Your communication has always been exceptional, and the thing that I appreciate most is that you are very open with Coyote about load volumes that you are able to handle lanes that you are able to service. When you make a commitment to us I never have any doubts that it will be met.”
Kevin Leonard; Coyote

“We’ve been dealing with Ron & Sons for years, and in this crazy world of transportation, it’s nice to have someone that you can depend on. Hector goes the extra mile to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is delivered on time all while sharing some laughs along the way.”
Alex Cleveland; ARG Logistics

“Ron & Sons is high quality trucking company that values the carrier/shipper relationship. Ron and Sons is extremely reliable with all of AJMs freight and attempts to ensure 100% on time pickup and delivery. When our loads are in your possession we are secure that AJM will be represented well.
David Joseph; AJM

“Ron and Sons is always on time with their appointments, always have their paperwork in order and prepared. We have never encountered any dumped loads which is a big issue for us.
Thank you for always continuing to give us this wonderful service.”
Sandy Torres; Wirtz Beverage Group

“#1 always on time (or very close)
#2 always cheerful voice on the other end of the line when called
#3 always trying to work a lakeside load in
Only improvement would to have more trucks in more other parts of the southwest.”
Mike Brzezinski; Lakeside Poultry

“You guys always gave me great service, and were willing to jump through hoops whenever I needed something. I really appreciate the personal attention you gave and the flexibility. Also, you gave me dedicated trucks no matter the time of year.”
Daniel Perkins; Pepsi