When you place your trust in Ron & Sons Trucking Inc. to make your freight safe, you won’t be disappointed. Our yard is a safe place for our drivers, our customers, and your loads. We also perform our own maintenance on site, ensuring our trucks are in proper working order and that our drivers can deliver their loads on time.



Our Yard

  • Is fully fenced in, and remains locked after office hours
  • Is outfitted with LED lights to provide ample illumination at night
  • Has security cameras watching yard point of entry, and the yard
  • Has night guard to check-in trailers, and drivers
  • Has a detached shop; giving our mechanics room to work and move



Our Trucks

  • We are consistently updating our fleet to ensure our trucks are reliable
  • Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking to keep track of our trucks and drivers
  • We maintain a high safety rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Association
  • Consecutive Certificates of Achievement for the Biennial Inspection of Terminals Program, conducted by CHP, looks at compliance of applicable California safety laws

Our Maintenance Program has awarded us certificates of excellence. Because it consists of:

  • 90 day inspections for all the tractors and trailers as required by law
  • Daily inspection reports for every tractor trailer combination, performed by driver and turned into the shop supervisor for review
  • Services program every 25000 miles that services the engine oil, air filters, and grease of the power units (tractors)
  • Tire Air and Tire Check Policy, not required by law, performed by mechanics. Minimizes road repairs, and downtime, allows us to serve our customers

Performing all of this in house allows us to better understand what is happening to our equipment. It minimizes driver downtime, and maximizes on time delivery.